Frontend Cookie Notice Display

Cookie Notice is your savior when it comes to online applied laws. You can find the settings page in backend under Settings > Cookie Notice. Informing your visitors about cookies and other details related to the online regulations will help you fall under law protection, but also keep visitors of your website updated on how you platform works towards privacy and implemented technologies. The cookie notice system enables you to configure the content you want to make visible to your visitors, but also the display method on how they receive the information. It can be a banner on top or bottom, a full screen overlay banner or why not… a simple box right in the middle of the screen with a blurred background! You can set acceptance method, deployment and customize appearance according to your brand needs without a fuss. Now…. before wrapping this up, you should know that cookies reflect the exact operational mode you set in backend. These days it is imperative to resume yourself on functional cookies, and go slow on any tracking types. Building a great website is not always about exploiting your customers, you can get to the top also by choosing to improve your products or services in the best possible way. Simple to configure, our cookie notice mechanism helps you gain more time for the exact things you need the most.

Here is an example:

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