Advanced Captcha Protection System

Captcha Protection blocks unwanted load on your server and drastically reduces resource consumption. In order to activate this system and configure it, you need to navigate to Settings > Security > Captcha Protection, but before this you need to understand better what it does. Activating this mechanism, will add a simple math problem to solve before submitting data via any type of form made available on your website. These can be login and registration forms, review & comment forms, password reset and checkout forms and so on. The system allows you to set the mathematical operation types (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) and also the display method of each math problem, which can be done with numbers and words or both combined. These simple math problems also allow users to take the necessary time in order to fill in the right information before submitting. Without this mechanism, users are compelled to press enter after each field they fill in and trigger different errors. Each failed submission consumes resources from the server, thus the load will be higher if the captcha mechanism wouldn’t exist. Therefore, we strongly advise using this system not only to protect against bot submissions, but also incomplete or incorrect user entry data submissions.

Here is an example:

Captcha Protection Example - Login Form

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