Admin Login Protection System

Protecting your admin login will help you get rid of unwanted backend access and bot attempts to overload server.
Official Documentation Link:

Activate system through the Checkbox next to the section title and Save Changes.

  1. Hide /wp-admin/: Activate admin link features.
  2. Access Error Type:
    • Error 404 (Page not Found) – When guests try to access /wp-admin/ they will encounter default WordPress error page for non-existing content.
    • Redirect – This option will allow you to forward guests to a custom page.
    • Error 403 (Forbidden Access)- This option will display default WordPress forbidden access page.
  3. Set Redirect Link: This option will only show up if Redirect option is selected, so you would be able to completely change the login URL.
  4. Change Login Link: Change default wp-login.php to a custom string.
  5. New Login Link: This line displays the new admin login link.
  6. Recovery Link: Us the generated link to reset options and regain access to WordPress through default settings.
  7. Email Notification: Activate this option to receive a message from the system with the new admin login configuration.
  8. Custom Admin Login Logo URL: Change logo URL inside admin login page.
  9. Login Logo URL Title: Change default hovering logo title inside admin login page.
  10. Custom Admin Login Title: Change default browser tab title for admin login page.

All website changes go through the admin dashboard, which can be accessed through a default WordPress link. Keeping the access safe and secure requires certain modifications.

Reset Section Settings using the checkbox and Save Changes button in order to remove database entries.

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