Advanced Media Features

In this section you can enable advanced media features for admins or other roles.
Official Documentation Link:

Activate System through the Checkbox next to Advanced Media Features and Save Changes.

  1. Enable SVG Support: Enable SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) files upload by user role. This is a web-friendly vector file format. As opposed to pixel-based raster files like JPEGs, vector files store images via mathematical formulas based on points and lines on a grid.
  2. Media Upload Size Limit (MB): Setup maximum media file size for uploads.
  3. Disable Image Size Limit: Disable default WordPress image size rescaling, based on User Role.
  4. Disable Resolution Limit: Disable default WordPress image resolution rescaling, based on User Role.
  5. Media Library Tags: Display media tags inside WordPress Media Library, based on User Role.
  6. Advanced Media Filtering: Filter media files inside WordPress Media Library by tags, based on User Role.

Reset Section Settings using the checkbox and Save Changes button in order to remove database entries.