Deliver Emails Through Mailgun

Get your messages to the right person at the right time with advanced settings or through a global infrastructure.
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Activate System through the Checkbox next to section title and Save Changes.

  1. Email sender options: If enabled, all outgoing emails will be sent with the following configuration.
  2. “From” name: Sender name displayed in emails.
  3. “From” address: Sender address displayed in emails.
  4. Send Emails via Mailgun: Enable option to send emails through Mailgun, an email automation engine trusted by over 150000 companies.
  5. Mailgun Domain Name: Domain name through which Mailgun will send emails.
  6. Mailgun API Key: Unique string of characters issued by Mailgun, used for authentication and service connectivity (the API Key is a token that a client uses when making API calls).
  7. Select Your Region: Define region used for email delivery.
  8. Test configuration: Use this button for service testing. If the setup is successful, you will receive a test email to your admin address. This is the fastest way to know if everything is done correctly.

If WooCommerce is activated, these options will be available in a different section.

Reset Section Settings using the checkbox and Save Changes button in order to remove database entries.